To say that having a baby at 31 years of age has been an adjustment would be a HUGE understatement. Tom and I have been together for 16 years this year and married for 8 and we have both worked in our own businesses for the last 5. We have been able to be super flexible with a HEAP of freedom over the year and I didn’t realize just how selfish we had become. This journey over the last 4 months has been testing to say the least. ( I have loved every minute of it – but gosh things have changed)


Coming into this journey I had an idea in my mind of how I would keep my healthy body and mind in tact over this process, but over the weeks as little Harrison becomes more and more active, I have had to decide on what my NON-NEGOTIABLES are. I realized that some of the luxuries (weekly blow-dries, massages, shopping trips and just general time wasting) have gone a miss but the following is a list of what my non-negotiables have been to ensure a healthy mind and body over this time.


  1. Green smoothies – I know if you follow me on social media, you will know I am obsessed with these to start my day and having a baby has not changed this. Every night I make a green smoothie for Tom and I to ensure that it’s there and ready to grab on the run in the chaos of the morning. For me, it’s not just the health benefits of a green smoothie each day, but it’s a ritual that ensures that the rest of my day stays true to my values when it comes to my health.


  1. Walk – no matter what – this happens. From the day after we brought Harrison home from hospital I started a daily walk (although these were VERY slow for the first few days). It was my way of getting out in the fresh air, getting active and also getting Harrison used to sleeping in his pram. I wanted to make sure he was super confortable in his pram so that Tom and I had the flexibility to get out and about still. These days his first nap of the day is ALWAYS in the pram and this gives me a chance to have some stress-free for ME time along the beach.


  1. Gratitude – I talk about this one often too, but in all honesty, practicing gratitude each day has changed my perspective on a daily basis. It allows me to start the day feeling abundant and completely IN LOVE with my life.


  1. Shaving my legs – shower time was a surprise for me. I never actually thought that the idea of a shower long enough to shave my legs and wash my hair on the SAME day would be considered a luxury but my gosh it is. I have vowed to myself that I will never NOT have shaved legs, as this allows me to still feel somewhat sexy still. Having smooth legs and washed hair on the same day is something that doesn’t happen that often, but when it does OMG LOOK OUT WORLD – BOSS MAMA COMING THROUGH!!!


  1. Phone free beast feeding – at the start you sit down to breast feed your baby every 2-3 hours – so that’s a hell of a lot of feeding and sitting around. I try to keep my phone away from me in this time and use it not only for true bonding time for H and I, but also for a little meditation for me. That’s hours each day of sitting and doing nothing. Keeps my mind clear and allows me to re-connect every few hours, to reflect on the time we have just enjoyed together and just stop and BREATHE.


These are just a few of the things I have vowed to myself not to let go of. This “mum life” transition has been a big (amazing) change of life, but I think it is just so important to stay true to me, and my values each day. Although things have definitely changed, it is still VERY possible to keep your healthy body and mind as a priority. Are you a new mummy? I would LOVE to hear form you. What are your non-negotiables? Share this post with some new mummy friends – you never know, it may just be what they needed to hear today.


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Yours in love, health and happiness




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