Over my 8 years as a personal trainer I have seen so many women come to me with that feeling of being TRAPPED in “diet prison”. Its never ending. Diet – feel great – stop dieting – feel worse than before you started. This just keeps going around like a vicious cycle. It pains me to see so many women stuck in this, and the reality is, that without the “mindset” required to get you out of this cycle, it just won’t end. You can have the most immaculate meal plan and training plan and yet still it won’t stick.

Hera are my top 3 tips on how to make this change a lifestyle change and not just for a short season.

  • Make a pledge to yourself

I have found that if your wellness efforts are done from a place of love for yourself and not as a chore, it is more likely to stick. I offer this pledge at the start of my new program The Eternal Goddess, but as a little ore-christmas gift, I thought I would offer the pledge for FREE to you today. Download HERE

  • Do things that light you up

As a group fitness instructor, I have seen hundreds of women over the years loathe the fact that they “have to” work out in such a hard and torturous class just to lose weight. My advise to those women that come dragging their butts into my classroom is “hunni, today is not the day. If you are stressed and hating the idea of doing this class, then get to the beach, take your shoes off and go for a walk in nature, or pick something you love doing instead.” If you are in that state and forcing yourself to be here – then you are doing yourself more harm than good. Find things your love doing and do them often.

  • Affirmations

Each and every day. Pick areas of your life that you would like to focus on. Your body, your health, your job, your relationships, your finances – anything. Go to a place that makes you feel calm and say a few affirmations over and over to yourself. I have a few that you can use in the bonuses part of this program, if you are struggling to come up with some on your own. Maybe try some in the mirror – I love and accept myself. I love my xxx as it xxxx. I am just right the way that I am.

Making healthy stick for life, is NOT just about the perfect meal plan or exercise plan. Its so much more. Its a mind game. If we do not go within we go without right? Make some of these simple changes today and start to feel the benefits.

I would love to know your daily healthy habits to keep healthy each and every day. Share these tips with friends and share your tips with us.



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