Hello beautiful,


Wow it feels good to be back here writing to you. Yesterday marked 16 weeks since I got to meet my beautiful little man Harrison. What an incredible experience it has been so far. I have never felt a love quite like it. Talk about heart bursting love at first sight hey. I am beyond smitten.


I have been asked by so many to share my birth story – but thought I would keep it short and sweet. All I can say is WOW – girls I knew we were incredible beings, but birth and motherhood has shown me this once again but on a much larger scale. I had a beautiful birth/labour experience with 11.5 hours of labour and an incredible water birth to my beautiful baby boy Harrison James Bayley. The whole day was so incredible it almost makes me want to be pregnant again just to give birth again. (am I crazy? Haha) I was blessed to have a very easy pregnancy and birth with no complications, my recovery was great aswell and we were home with H just 4 hours after he entered the world and readt to start our new life as a family of three.


Since becoming a mama I have learnt so many things about myself, my hubby, my family and just life in general. Nothing teaches you to be more present and enjoy the moment more than a baby. Harrison knows only unconditional love and is just a ball of complete perfection. He has no insecurities and his ability to just be happy in the moment makes you really stop and smell the roses. So many mamas tell me that having a newborn is a stressful time of your life but I can honestly say that I have never been so content. Never before have I had 16weeks to do nothing and just live each day with one mission – to get as many giggles and smiles as I can in before the next nap time. What a time waster he is!


But 16 weeks on and I feel like its time for me to get back into the big bad world. Although I have kept working in my hubby’s business and seeing very few PT clients over the last few months, I have not got back into the daily grind of my online business since H’s arrival.


This week I have started back working again and have asked my mum to take care of H on a Monday for 5 hours. Tom (hubby) has encouraged me to do this to still continue building my own business, being my own person and to take time for ME rather than losing my identity in motherhood. Although, I was hesitant at the outset, as it meant I would be ‘cuddle free’ for 5 whole hours. I know it’s for the best. My vision as a mama was always to be able to work from home with the flexibility to be a stay at home mama whilst still managing to build my own empire and not rely on hubby to do this for us. So I am BACK! I am lucky enough that I have set my business up in a way that allows me to work on a flexible schedule and entirely from home, and I am so excited to start work again on my health coaching program and working with some more beautiful girls.


As a way to immerse myself back into my health coaching that I love so dearly, I have opened up 5 spaces to work with 5 lovely ladies in coaching them to life long success when it comes to health, happiness and hormonal harmony. What involved:

Hundreds of recipes, health coaching 1:1 with me, accountability FB groups. Meal plans, workout plans and tips and SO MUCH MORE. As a new mama my time is limited and so I want to be able to pour as much love as possible into these 5 girls. PLACES ARE LIMITED. If you are interested in learning more bout this opportunity please email me at rachelle@theholisticgoddess.com.au and I can not wait to connect.


Until next week – I am so glad to be back on the blog and back in your inboxes. Have a magical week.


Rachelle x


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