I talk often about hormonal health and how to live in a state of hormonal harmony. I personally was on the contraceptive pill for nearly 15 years. This lead to a decade and a half of complete hormonal ignorance. I went on the pill at a very young age (and I understand why my mum thought it was the prefect option). I had teenage acne that now looking back was really not bad at all, but it was starting to rattle my confidence. As a 15 year old girl, this was not something my mum thought would be healthy, so for skin problems, I went on the pill. It was like magic. My skin was perfect once again and coming into my early adulthood it was also a very handy contraceptive. It just takes the thinking out of hormones. I had no knowledge or need to know anything about my cycle or my hormones, except that the Pill allowed me to customise when was actually “convenient” for me to have my monthly, or in my case almost bi-yearly period.

No where was I given any education on my cycle until I finally decided that now was the time to come off it. I didn’t intend to fall pregnant any time soon, but I did know that I no longer wanted to rely on a daily synthetic drug to tell me when my cycle would be, and how I was to feel. It was time. Little did I know however, that I was about to be faced with a HUGE rollercoaster of emotions and side effects after I made this decision. (Watch this video to learn more about my journey)


During this time though, aside form my health challenges, I still needed to know that I was using an effective contraceptive method.

There are a number of different ways to ensure effective contraception and you will have to do some more research on this one and see which one you and your partner feel comfortable and confident with.

Some ideas:

  • condoms
  • femcup
  • withdrawal method –
  • fertility awareness method (charting to find fertile days) (This was the way that I did it. It allowed me to understand my cycle, understand why i felt certain ways on certain days and also helped when I DID want to fall pregnant, to know that the days that I had previously avoided were the days that I was now aiming for) You can read more from the experts HERE
  • or a combination of a few

This is a very personal decision, and although I will talk with friends about this topic very openly, I dot want to out myself out there online to be an expert in this field, so make sure you do your research. Find what suits you and your partner the best and be educated. Embrace this time to learn more and connect with your own body on a deeper level. Its all about taking control of your own health and you own body, and my holy moly, its an empowering journey.

This is not my area of expertise and you need to be confident that your decision will be effective for you. You will see a protocol to help you ditch your birth control safely and effectively below. (I am not affiliated with Nicole and stand to gain no financial benefit here. I just love her work) – check her out HERE

As always, I would LOVE to hear form you. How is the transition going for you? Have you mastered it yet? Whats your fave form on natural contraception?

Much love

Chelle x

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