I believe that weight loss and weight control is simply a positive side effect of TRUE HEALTH and so therefore, guiding you to find THAT is my life’s mission

Do you feel like you have tried hundreds of diets and lifestyle plans only to find that you didn’t get the results you were expecting? Or worse yet, all of your hard work and results were short lived?

It doesn’t have to be that way! There is no reason why you can’t make changes to your life, health and happiness that will see your life turned upside down FOREVER. With the right education, mindset and inspiration you can truly transform your life.

Hi, I am Rachelle Bayley and I am a Holistic Health and Food Coach, Personal Trainer and Happy Hormone Hero.

My life hasn’t always been happy and healthy and I sure as hell have not always been happy with the body that I live in. I have had my fair share of body battles, but I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Life CAN be peaceful, where your relationship with you and your body can become the closest, most accepting and beautiful relationship you will ever have in your life.

Nothing has been ever too much trouble for Rachelle, she has been there and guided me through some very tough times, especially if you lose focus, she brings you right back and gives you a reality check. I am now 3 weeks away from getting married, smashed my goal and feeling better, stronger and healthier than I ever have.

Shanelle Williams


I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and am proud as punch to tell you that I am living almost symptom free. Let me assure you that this result didn’t come with out a rather bumpy self-discovery and educational journey. I struggled with very bad acne, extreme insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings and a menstrual cycle that had a mind of its own. How did I get there?

I strongly believe that the countless hours of intense exercise, hectic work life (4am starts and 9pm finishes), constant dieting and a seriously damaging relationship with myself got me to this point of hormonal chaos, that saw my health severely affected.

I believe that almost ALL women today have serious hormonal troubles, and it is this that can almost singlehandedly be responsible for your success or failure on your weight loss journey and your pathway to true health.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a hormonal challenge or not I can assure you that your hormones probably need some attention.

Do you struggle to lose weight regardless of how hard you work?

Do you get sugar cravings?

Mood swings and bouts of anxiety and/or sometimes depression?

Often bloated and uncomfortable in the stomach?

Are you always feeling tired?

Do you struggle to sleep?

Is your skin broken out, dry, tired looking?

Do you feel like you are always running on adrenalin?

Do you struggle to maintain regular periods?

Do you struggle to switch off?


I am here to coach you through this ever changing and often conflicting maze of information to get you to your true health.


Coach you to happy healthy hormones

Teach you everything you need to know to support your body nutritionally to ensure weight loss, weight control and a happy relationship with your plate

Hold your hand through this process and be the support you need, every step of the way

Provide you with countless recipes that are Holistic Goddess Approved

Guide you through how to exercise for happy healthy and strong bodies

Teach you how love the most important person in your life….. YOU




I am a stubborn, courageous, independent Aries, who is also extremely impatient

I was born in the UK and am also married to a pommy

I love exercise – I love teaching my group fitness classes and have set myself a goal this year to become a true yogi

Although I am very spiritual, I also am a typical material girl who loves shopping, clothes, gadgets and jewellery

At the age of 30, I still sleep with a stuffed toy. (much to my hubby’s disgust hehe)

When I am not working you will most likely find me discovering a new organic or healthy café or restaurant with my friends or my man

I am proud of what I have achieved so far and I know that without Rachelle I would not have gotten this far. Rachelle is not only an inspiring personal trainer but is also a great friend and I thank her not only for my training sessions but for her friendship.

Sharlene Coulson


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