I can’t even begin to describe how much Rachelle has helped me to change my life. 2 years ago I was newly single, over weight and unhealthy. Now I’m 14 kgs lighter, fit, healthy and happy. Rachelle is like no one else I have met, as a trainer or in life. She has supported me and encouraged me every step of the way, especially through tough times…..when I’d lost my way and didn’t believe that I could – she always did.





Hormonal equilibrium – making it stick

So this week I had the WORST sleep I have had in a very long time. I think it took me over an hour and a half to fall asleep, which is not a huge issue as I had no early appointments to wake up for, but its not that. It is that fact that I was lying there feeling...

Chats with Nicole Jardim

I have been so excited to do this interview with Nicole. Nicole is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hormone health and I have been following her for a very long time now. In this interview we talk: steps on how to “ditch your birth control” some easy...

Vegetarian Done Right

I have been seeing talk of vegetarianism a lot on my social media channels at the moment and have also been asked by many people this week about how to eat a vegetarian diet without feeling tired and still maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. This is a topic that I...




My Top 3 Brekkies On The Run

Breakfast is one of those meals that my clients often tell me, “oh Rachelle, I just don’t have time to make a healthy breakfast.” Its such an important meal of the day to get right. I know for myself if breakfast isn’t spot on the likihood of my meals over the rest of...

My new fave dairy free, gluten free breakfast

Im sure you have all heard of a chia seed pudding before, but have you had one WARM? Oh my gee- its so yummy! I just had to share this recipe with you. Ingredients: 2 tblsp chia seeds 1 tblsp coconut yoghurt 1 tsp bee pollen 1 tsp shredded coconut 1/4 banana 1 tblsp...

Marvellous Zucchini Miso Soup

This week I posted a picture on social media of the most basic dinner ever. I had so so much feedback on this and so many of you have asked for the recipe. This really was a meal that I made with no thought about the presentation or taste, yet it surprisingly turned...

Rachelle has gone above and beyond, time after time, to ensure that I have the knowledge and skills I need to make informed decisions for my life. I have come to rely on her honesty and wisdom as a guide to the decisions I make for my health and wellbeing both now and in the future.

Kylie Pearce


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